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AGI Group

AGI Group is a global company with offices in North America, Europe, and Asia. AGI subsidiaries offer customers a wide range of products and services in the distribution of computer spare parts, mobile device repair, the components level repair of LCD and PCB boards, the manufacturing of sunlight and night vision solutions, and the management of Reverse Logistics services. Our entire team of managers, sales staff, customer service reps and technicians strictly adhere to the organization’s mission statement offering customers reliable, timely, and cost-effective products and services.

Since its inception in 2000, AGI has strived to empower its customers with the most technologically advanced and strategically formulated solutions required to achieve goals and fulfill objectives. AGI’s products and services and enhanced by our team of advanced software professionals offering our customers web access and seamless integration of their IT systems with our own.

AGParts Education delivers high-quality support to schools across the United States for Chromebook 1:1 programs, notebook computers, and tablet devices, stocking critical inventory within easy reach of your locations for quick turnarounds. AGParts’s professional team and sophisticated repair facilities carry out component level repairs and refurbish components for extended use and critical cost savings. Over 1,500 schools across the U.S. have chosen AGParts as their partner for device management and support.

AGParts is an industry leader in parts and repairs of mobile devices across brands and product categories. They’ve achieved this stature by expanding partnerships with leading computer and electronics manufacturers while continuing to enhance Advanced Systems and software. AGParts develops customized solutions to meet customers’ constantly changing needs.

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AGiRepair is a recognized leader in the mobile device repair and wireless repair parts industry, with a steadfast commitment to offering cutting-edge technology repair solutions for Apple and Chromebook devices. With over a decade of experience, AGiRepair is backed by innovative and unparalleled technical capabilities, specializing in LCD repair. AGiRepair offers customizable solutions for mobile device repair, wireless repair parts, and case + protection plans. To date, their clientele includes over 2,500 strategic corporate partners and 1,600 educational institutions.

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AGDisplays is an advanced display solutions specialist. With over 10 years of experience, AGDisplays has led the way in offering the latest technology in LCD enhancements and ruggedized displays. AGDisplays delivers an extensive range of custom panel solutions to improve standard LCD display attributes and to maximize their performance in any environment. Knowledge and high-quality control standards separate AGDisplays apart from the rest.

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